Monday, December 27, 2004

walking along the yarra to the train station was nice. very picturesque and stuff. boats cruising up and down the river, a nice scene of the river with the city in the background.

in one place the bank of the river was all wooden planks, with rowing clubs across the footpath, so the rodericks and featherington-beasleys could haul out strange rowing contraptions and hide them in immaculate rowing club sheds.

watched kooky trams crossing the bridge, and a little bridge called the millenium bridge. it looked very modern and stylish and stuff. even opened up in the year 2000. perhaps it was originally going to be the 1998 bridge...

and let's not forget the pretty girls in their summery dresses. i don't give a shit if that makes me a dirty old man :-) i'm only human, they looked bloody good.

had a few beers in a bar called young and jackson. supposedly the most famous pub in australia. i've never heard of it before. but i'm only an ignorant heathen anyway.

there was none of this mucking about with pots and schooners and middies (which would all be the wrong size anyway). you either got a big one (570ml) or a little one (385ml) unless you wanted a stella, in which case it was in a trendy looking beaker from some kid's chemistry project. we nearly got away with it, but brother-in-law insisted on asking if they had tooheys, so they worked out we were ignorant terrorists after all.

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