Sunday, December 05, 2004

thank the gods, the weekend is over. i thought my week was bad.

one of the unfortunate aspects of working in a customer service industry, is that you have to meet people. usually this is a good thing, and i enjoy meeting new and interesting people from all walks of life, and seeing the interesting things they've been upto. we had a surprise birthday party for a lady this weekend, she thought she was on the boat for the weekend with her boyfriend/fiance by herself, and got surprised with all her mates, and then on saturday, her folks from kiwi land. she was suitably impressed. and her boyfriend has got more brownie points than you can poke a big stick at.

but this weekend there were a few different people. who were absolute pains in the arse. couldn't please them, nothing was up to their standards, they were rude, obnoxious, and generally arseholes. fortunately these people never return. if they didn't have a good time, they won't come back. but in the event that they are thinking of it, the weekend organiser will be told that they aren't welcome. and if they insist, and the bosses let them on, they can have them, but they'll have no fucking crew. we're on strike. the money isn't good enough to have to deal with cunts like that. if you stupid pricks really find so little pleasure in diving, and are so miserable and unhappy all the time, why don't you just end it all. i've got a handy little cliff, or perhaps a few lead weights that have come back after the previous bodies finally finished being eaten away from.

the bosses were a bit worried that one particular dumb ass would go back to sydney and bad mouth us to all his friends. i reckon if anyone is sorry/stupid/fucked up enough, to be his friend, then we don't want them anyway. stay away mother-fuckers. the diving down here is shit. go somewhere else.

finally got rid of them and back to mum's for mine and my daughter's birthday bbq. pressies and kids going mad and generally winding down. everyone pitched in and got me a NEW SLIM PLAY STATION 2. i am just as happy as a pig in shit. it is the coolest toy. i'm gonna be the uber-geek for weeks with this. and now i'm in a dilemma. do i get online and work on my character's progression in this online game i play? or while away the hours playing grand theft auto on the play station. decision decisions. not enough hours in the day to properly satisfy my need for bludging...

plus i got a dvd called the Barry Sheene story. ok, yes, Barry was a completely lame, dumbass commentator. but he was an awesome rider in his day. and his contribution to the game raised it to the level it is today. high wages, tv rights, sponsorship etc....

you may have been a strange pommy twit, but we love ya Barry.

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