Thursday, December 09, 2004

my boring news analysis for the day. like anyone gives a shit :-)

enn zedd backs same sex civil unions . of course the god botherers and others said that meant that the nz pm was surrounded by homosexuals. so i guess they get as much mud slinging over there as we do here. i can't see it as an issue really. just a bunch of people trying to interfere with another group of people who want to be happy. not gonna hurt anyone, cost anyone, or interfere with the donation plate onna sunday. and natural law? i don't think they want natural law. i mean which one? the bull in the herd of cows? or like the apes, which is similar and rather bloody in determining the strongest male to service the females. gees, we've spent a coupla hundred years dragging ourselves outta the dark ages, and they wanna drag us back? look at our achievements, what other animal wastes hours and hours in committee meetings?

NATO to Tell Russia Ukraine Poll Must Be Fair. well derrrr fred. dya think they hadn't thought of that? the people have spoken, loudly, they're holding new elections. having seen how the yanks have managed to wind up and screw up the whole middle east situation (perhaps they were following the pom's stirling fucked up example) i'd be a whole bunch happier if they'd just shut-the-fuck-up.

in other news, my soccer team has played the last 2 games with our new, stylish shirts. today we got the shorts and socks to match. then the lad who organised his boss to sponser us for the lot, told his boss he was quitting... oops. and given our current form, we'll play today (we won) and next week, and then miss the semi finals. woops hehehe. i really don't give a shit, i just love playing. win. lose. whatever. i play my hardest/best. fuck up heaps, then we have a few beers and abuse the next teams playing at the field where we are. oh well, there's always next year!

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