Friday, December 31, 2004

a day at the races

being the sedentary types, and being holidays, we got out of bed late, and got to the races late. to find that it was "kids race day". woops. kids everywhere.

and on the first race, i won $11.50, from only $5. woohoo. this game is easy! pity it was all downhill from there. each race we'd check out the horses and the jockeys, then head over to the circus, err bookmakers, to get rid of some more money. my mum reckons i shoulda just stuck to what works for her. horse number 4 or anyone wearing a yellow shirt. seeing as i know nothing about horses, or racing them, that would have been good advice beforehand. oh well. a fun day of drinking in the sun.

today we're going to the beach at torquay. they figure that i can't be this far south without going there or to bells beach. that's fine with me, especially as today is meant to get to around 32 degrees or something like that. sounds like beach weather to me.

my board may be a thousand k's away, so i'm gonna have to go for a body bash, but i'm gonna get to surf bells. unless it's flat...

ps: for a quick giggle over at g'day mate

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