Thursday, November 25, 2004

well it's nearly the end of the year. i'm looking at my resolutions and wish list from last year and i'm impressed, i actually achieved a few things.

wish list:
1. new wetsuit for surfin - yes
2. and a drysuit for diving - arrives in 2 weeks
3. fix goddamn motorcycle - NO :-(
4. buy new motorcycle - NO :-(
5. buy u-beaut hq ute - NO :-(

1. spend more time with kids - yes
thanks to kidlet D, we now play squash every tuesday. and kidlet L has started coming too. the pair of them have a great time and so do i. L has hit me with the damn squash ball about a dozen times and she just laughs and laughs. D is fitter and getting better and better so by the time we're finished, i'm sweating like crazy and grinning like an idiot. when we play now i don't give him any leeway at all and i'm pretty much playing as hard as i can, ok, that's not that hard, and he wins his fair share of games... with L i'm usually trying to hit the ball so she can get to it, but that means she smashes the damn thing and makes me run all over the place. and then she laughs. hehehe little monsters
2. cut up credit card. - NO fuck fuck fuck. i'm am so fucking hopeless with money.
3. finish more things i start - sorta. the key to achieving this is start nothing :-)
4. party more - YES :-D
5. relax - working on it. still a stress puppy at work, but i'm learning finally to relax with the kids and weekend work.

tomorrow we're having a farewell at work, then over to the local entertainment centre for a mate's band. should be a big night. and now my ex has just sms'd me to tell me that L is having her year 10 formal as well. i think i might be there somehow :-) can't muck up too much. working on diveshop 2's boat on saturday...

just got filled in by the ex. we don't go in, we just send them off from the front door. turn up with camera, take a picture of her all dolled up, tell her to avoid anybody like me, and have a good night hehehe

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