Friday, November 12, 2004

well Huey certainly let it rip last night. it was raining datsun cogs.

we won our game of soccer. mostly because the side we played against panicked more than we did. and i'm feeling it today with corked muscles and bruised bits from running into people, falling over people and generally being a clumsy klutz in the wet weather.

it was raining a bit when we played, then after we finished it got heavier. we ran into the rest of out winter team on our way to shelter to drink the rest of the beer. so we stayed out in the rain hurling abuse and other constructive criticism at them as they played. in the second half someone said it's easing up and we all looked at him cause it was raining harder and harder. then a few bolts of lighting flashed and banged, then they called off the game.

when we first moved down here it rained like that for 3 days, flooded the river and opened the rivermouth. when it opens the rivermouth like that we get a really cool sand bommie at the entrance, only it's about a kilometre out to sea, too far for me to paddle. but after a few months it comes in a bit and the surf there is really cool. so even though it's nice and sunny now and the weekend is coming, i'm still hoping for more rain :-)

bring it on!

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