Tuesday, November 16, 2004


gah, it's just like monday morning. at work, feeling like shit, hungover. what moron decided to go out for dinner on a monday night!

i've decided to buy a drysuit for my weekend work. so the boss says what day do i want to come around for dinner and get measured up? this week is pretty much booked out so monday night it was. so we're sitting around having a few drinks (as you do) and the boss says ok, lets measure you up for this drysuit before we've had too much. then she says, ok, get your gear off.

huh? damn. turns out that she had to put text marks all over me and measure between them. so i'm standing there in my reg grundies, glad that i didn't wear my sunday ones, trying not to feel self conscious while getting measured up. then i was glad because my tummy measurement wasn't more than my chest, but only just. time to start going to the gym!

by the end of the night i was quite merry, but due to a few vodka shots i was having trouble with double vision. the boss worked it out when i kept on closing one eye to talk to her. fortunately my lift took pity on me at this stage and took me home.

damn, i'm paying for it today.

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