Thursday, November 04, 2004

time for a day off

i've decided this week sucks, so i'm not going to work tomorrow. dunno if i'm going to sleep all day or try and spend my time (insert whatever adjective means that i do stuff here). oh fuck it, i can't think of the word, and it's not gonna happen anyway.

turns out my adsl modem isn't broken, dodo tech support is. so i worked it out by myself. car is still broken though. maybe i'll get it back tomorrow. but they've said that a few times this week so i'll wait and see. just ticking away the time waiting for soccer to start so i can have a few beers afterwards. yes i'm a fairly shallow person. beer is the answer, what was the question. homer, you are my hero.

only boring drivel happening with me lately. working and stuff. gonna go and watch a mate's band play on friday night. then my extremely hungover self is going to get up and let the kids in when they get dropped off at 9:00am. but that's ok, they know where the telly is and they won't wake me up when i go back to bed. there's no motor racing or other fun stuff like that on this weekend to keep me and my beer glued to the telly. might take the grots down to the bay to watch the innaugural 32 mile trailerable yacht race, or something like that. if the weather doesn't suck too i much might nick dad's little boat and go out and be an obstacle...

oh yeah, we did have something interesting happen. a swarm of bees found a hole in the outside wall of the laundry and moved in. so they were a bit of a hazard. but if you put your ear to the inside wall you could hear them buzzing and some other crackling noises. which was either them making honeycomb, or eloctrocuting themselves on the backside of the nearby powerpoint. the lights weren't flickering though. anyway, it was really cool listening to them. busy busy, day and night. the pest dude came today while we were at work, now they are gone. i like that. nice and easy. bees annoying, ring the pest dude, bees gone. i wonder if there's a service like that for annoying commodores....

oh yeah, 4 hours later, productively. i can't even think the word. so i'm not gonna act it

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