Wednesday, November 03, 2004


payday again. spent it already. on my stupid car. hopefully picking it up today.

the guy who's working on it rang the other day and asked if anyone had worked on it previously. i told him it had been completely rebuilt about 2 years ago. then he told me that one of the oil cooler lines was crushed. i didn't want to jump to conclusions so i asked if it was possible that it had been crushed by contact with the ground (from me driving over something) he said no, most probably from the gearbox being removed. and it was most likely the cause of my gearbox dying. fucking great. and it's out of the warranty period for the rebuild.

i'm glad i didn't take it back to the first loser who worked on it. but i'm very pissed off that he has cost me $2500 to replace the damn gearbox that he was meant to have fixed in the first place. i mean if he specialises in automatic transmissions he shouldn't be screwing them up. so i'm gonna ask him about it, then i think i might just make sure no-one i know ever takes a gearbox to him again.

and my new adsl modem seems to have committed suicide as well. dammit. i spose that's not amazing surprising though considering the lightning and thunder yesterday morning. just something else broken. i wonder if normal phone surge protectors work for adsl modems. i should check that out...

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