Sunday, November 07, 2004

billions of blistering blue barnacles

the goddamn weekend is over. gotta hate that. had a good one though. lotsa sleep!

friday night i thought i was going to have a quiet night. but i thought that after watching the band check in for a night at the local pub, i'd drop in for a few quiet ones and watch the band.

a few beers later and my brother turns up. haven't seen him at the pub in donkey's years. then half the damn soccer (ok football for anyone not in oceania or yankee land) team turns up and next thing i know we're having a big night out. afterwards we're trying to leave and all the lad are playing wrestles in the carpark. the security guys move us on, so they're fighting casually amongst themselves for the next few blocks, until they finally sort it out. then my brother finally works out that he's been missing out and tackles a couple of them for a wrestle. ok, it was only 2, but if there had been 4 standing together he'd have tackled them as well. they weren't quite ready for the onslaught and had a bit of a hissy fit. sucks to be you dudes. someone dropped a bottle (ok, it turns out we are the ignorant drunken bastards that leave broken bottles lying around, sorry about that) and the next thing you know they are all panicking and stuff and he's being dragged off some poor unsuspecting soul.

funny thing was, they thought they'd forcibly dragged him off. as soon as he heard the glass and someone say "stop" he relaxed and stopped. been a few drunken wrestles with my younger brother, and this dipshit attempting to drag him away was only a butterfly causing a storm. fortunately younger brother saw the fragileness of said butterfly, and realise that perhaps said soccer team was not up to major pissed wrestling challenge, and let them off, this time. hehehehe

sat'dy night was an 18th birthday party for a kind of nephew of mine. ok he calls me uncle, that's close enough :-) at my kid's aunt's house and a big night was had by all. we were gone by about 11:00. one kid playing poker with his cousins, the other bored out of her nut.

sunday morning and i realise that i've taught my kids a very valuable lesson. how to sleep in very late on a sunday. i'm as proud as can be. so i ring up my brother to take me over town to find out where i left my car...

mum's birthday party, kids running around like lunatics, a few beers a the club. and i'm one worn out individual. monday is gonna suck...

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