Monday, November 22, 2004

another sucky monday has arrived, and i'm hating it like usual. fortunately the weekend was a lot of fun so i'm still riding the wave.

on friday i tried out with another diveshop. i thought i was just along for the ride, but ended up having to be a divemaster. took two pommie lads on a bit of a tour and managed to find something i don't usually find. the anchor! my mate who was driving the boat was most impressed. so impressed that for the second dive he moved the damned boat and pulled the anchor up so i couldn't find it. so i took them back closer to the cliffs so they had some orientation for the ascent.

one of the guys was quite experienced and had done a lot of diving in the uk. the other had done a few less dives and on his first dive had to work on his buoyancy a bit. i was surprised on the second dive though, doing our safety stop the more experienced guy nearly ended up going feet first to the surface. a beginner's mistake. but it turned out he was a little underweighted and we didn't notice on the first dive because we were hanging on the anchor.

home for a quick tub and change of clothes, then grab my bags and back out to board my usual weekend diveboat. this group is always a lot of fun, and they come back a few times a year. which is good, because you know they'll be a lot of fun. but not so good because of the late nights and hangovers. i ended up going to bed at around 1:30, but others were still kicking on at around 3:00am. so they were a bit stunned on saturday morning.

wash dishes, fill tanks, throw customers in the water, get them out of the water, fill tanks, repeat... after lunch i get a break, take a quick siesta, then beat them in for the next dive so i can get out first to do my job. cute little nudibranchs, lotsa fishies, an octopus in a hole. i was relaxing and enjoying myself, but then it was time to head back. woops, back to normal navigation, only just found the anchor chain for the mooring we were on, then i found a little octopus, so i stopped to shoot a few pictures, then i found a mass of at least 2 octopuses. dunno if they were fighting, eating each other, or having hot octopus sex. all 3 maybe? finally i stop shooting pornographic octopus pictures and head along the chain to the boat, found at least another 7-8 octopuses, but they were all behaving.

i showed the resident fishlife experts my pics and neither of them could work out what they were doing. i'll have to pull my finger out and stick them on the web somewhere or other...

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