Sunday, November 14, 2004

another huge weekend.

i didn't even know i was going to be working. after one of my mates who works for another dive shop lined up a deal for me to come along for an "acclimatisation" day with them, i thought i was going to still have a cruisy weekend with the kids.

so i rang the boss to organise picking up my dive gear off the boat. then it all went awry...

"aren't you on this weekend" no i'm not, check the roster, and i look to. agent W is meant to be stalking the deck this weekend. and then i knew, i'd just been on the phone with him, it was he who had arranged the diving day with shop #2. woops apocalypse. so a few hours of ringing around and stuff later, and i'm not having the kids this weekend. another big apology and i'll see you on tuesday for squash.

we had big westerly winds, so managed to get outside the bay and underneath the cliffs, and i got a few dives as well! yay! dive one is pretty good. the water is pretty clear, lots of fish life, but the stupid prick that last serviced my gear didn't put it back together properly. i hate it when i do that. there's air pissing out of my first stage regulator, and every time i turn so that my first stage is lower than the demand valve (the bit in my gob) it dumps a shitload of air. i was thinking "fuck it", i'll be right, just keep swimming (no, that's not a quote from nemo) when i realised how much air was being dumped each time i rolled, i got a wee tad nervous. we're 30 metres down. byebyeeee cookie. i'm going up.

i'm a lot more relaxed at 5 metres. from here i don't mind being a submarine launched missile. from 30metres i'd be bent i reckon. i can drop my weightbelt on the cook and be at the surface in seconds. but the water is so clear i can see her below me, so i know she's tracking the bottom back to the anchor. i'm midwater. haven't got a fucking clue where i am, except somewhere to the south of the boat. she finds the anchor, and then i see the reflection of the boat's superstructure under the surface of the water. too easy.

the night dive was a lot more fun. after fixing my regs we went cruising for night critters. sleeping cuttlefish, goatfish, morwong and a shitload of little rays all lying all over each other. naughty little shits, they're just having sex i reckon. we swim around, checking out the nightlife, then find the anchor, wanna go up says agent C (cook), and i'm going, "check out the little squids!" so we shrug and make imcomprehensible hand signs at each other, then she goes, Hey! check out the squids over here!. hehehehe

grooving right along... great weather, managed to avoid getting burnt. lotsa sunblock. tormented the customers and generally had a mad time. gonna be hungover and unhappy tommorow i can just tell. oh well, fuck it. monday is hangover day after all...

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