Friday, October 15, 2004

woohoo. friday again

after drinking all last weekend and sitting in front of the telly, i thought i'd have a few weeks off the grog and try and burn some fat off... getting a bit of a fat roll (bleah!)

but it seems that the motogp is on at phillip island this weekend. so i'll be camped in front of the telly again. oops.

so i'll just have to promise myself to start doing some exercise again. i've been pretty much a beer drinking sloth since winter soccer finished. last night was our first game of summer soccer, and i scored a goal, woohoo. and now i'm tired and sore. DOH!

each year the teams are getting younger and fitter, or maybe it's just me doing the opposite. oh well. time for pain. gotta go to the gym at least once this week....

hmm, just had a thought. if i go to the gym this arvo, that means i can have a few beers tonight :-)

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