Sunday, October 31, 2004

well that was an interesting weekend.

on friday we cancelled a group from canberra. later that evening a group turned up from melbourne, that were due a week later. they shoulda read their emails, but we managed anyway. a bit rough getting them on, and a few seasick people, but you get that.

cool stuff from the weekend:

dolphins chasing fish near where we were anchored. fish were jumping out of the water to get away, and the dolphins were jumping after them.

whales cruising through the bay. probably humpbacks or pilot whales.

dolphins jumping out the water. usually they just put their dorsal fin up and breathe, but heaps of them were jumping out of the water.

on a night dive as i'm helping a diver out of the water. a fairly penguin surfaces about a metre away, looks around, makes some penguin noises, then scoots away. too cool.

about lunch time sunday i got picked up by another diveshop's boat so i could go home. my mate driving it didn't feel like driving. i wonder what the divers they had thought. someone gets dropped on their boat, dumps his gear in the cabin, then goes upstairs and drives the boat back :-) how does the diving industry work? i have no idea. but it was fun. i didn't put the thing alongside the wharf or anything complicated like that though. when your stuffing around with someone else's multi-thousand dollar boat, you don't park it without instruction. the only thing i parked next to was a lone seal swimming in the water on the way back, but it didn't stay to play.

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