Sunday, October 17, 2004

testosterone :-)

another weekend in front of the telly watchin the racing. it's heaven. well except for a bit of overindulgence. gotta take a few weeks off the grog cause i'm a shot duck.

valentino once again shone to the front, with our main man troy bayliss finishing strongly but not on the podium. in the 250cc our main chance of an oz podium, anthony west, unfortunately crashed in qualifying yesterday and smashed himself up a bit too much to continue today. in the 125cc class casey stoner did well to ride with an injury to get 3rd position.

motorcycle racing. if it wasn't for that. i wouldn't bother turning on the fucken telly at all. if only i was rich enough to afford pay tv. ok i can probably afford it now, but i mean rich enough to afford it and only watch it occasionally and not really give a shit. there's nothing like getting to a really cool bit of the race only to be interrupted by neighbors ads (ok, sure they're trying to harp up some lame people to watch because they think they'll see some girl on girl action, ha ha frickken ha) and ads for australian karaoke, aka idle australians. i've seen more talent down the pub on a saturday night. shit, i think i've been more talent down the pub on a saturday night. and when it comes to singing, i'm down there below the chipmunks and woody woodpecker.

idle australians. some of the shit they put on telly just makes me puke. but on the other hand, i only watch the motor racing and the simpsons, and whatever movies the kids pick when they come to stay. so i really couldn't give a flying fuck what the punters amuse themselves with.

drat. it's the end of the weekend. another hungover monday. but i hate mondays anyway, might as well have a reason...

i can see it already. one of the punters at work will come up, and assume that because i'm foolish enough to work in information spasmology, they'll ask me to fix their fucken computer, for free, just because i love it.

they're always so surprised with my rates. but like i care, i'm sure the other's in town will fix it for less, sooner or later. and i'm always happy to recommend them to go somewhere else. i've gotta find another job. fucken computers...

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