Monday, October 04, 2004

swinging voter

ok. i'm still undecided. don't want howard though.

this is a one-off political rant. here's the shorted summary:
fucken stupid dumb fuckers. fuck fuck fuck fuck. fucken howard, fucken latham, fucken keating, fucken downer, fucken gee-willikers-bush. morons the fucken lot of 'em
like "I" have a fucken clue anyway.

in my ignorant opinion, little johnnie took us to war and either lied to us, or was ignorant. either is equally unforgiveable for someone in his position. especially when he was in such a strong position when he could afford to be honest. are you listening little john? it's ok to say "ok, we fucked up, there were no nukes in iraq. but we still got saddamn-who-sucks out. at the moment the situation is pretty fucked, but we're working on it." say that, and you'll win my vote. i don't want us involved in it. but there's a lot of little iraqis who are happy that saddamn-who-sucks is out. and then again, there's a lot of crazy mother fuckers who really don't give a shit and just want to make people miserable.

i read an interesting article the other day, written by a moslim. it said something along the lines of... "not every muslim is a terrorist. but it seems that most terrorists are muslims."

but only a few hundred years ago the christians were the ones travelling the world killing pricks. i couldn't give a flying fuck about religion. nasty cunts who just want to hurt people use religion as an excuse. get ignorant kids to blow themselves up at soldier checkpoints. fuck 'em. nuke them 'till they glow then shoot them in the dark.

on the other side of the coin. vote labour? latham is an unknown quantity. keating was a prick. but he was a hard arsed prick and he had my respect. still makin my mind up with latham. but he's the best chance they've had for a while. but the liberal person here is Joanna Gash. and she's damn good for the area. listens to the locals and really seem to accomplish stuff.. the labour alternatives for the last few years have mostly comprised of idiots. wayne smith. fucken moron. i think they only offered him because this is such a strong liberal seat.

so i'll probably vote for the "no nuclear mowers on sunday mornings" party again...

and while i'm ranting and shit.i find it funny that howard is bagging the shit out of latham's background in finance. when howard was treasurer wasn't it all fucked then too? did latham fuckup? or was it all ok. i reckon howard takes too much on himself praising himself for our current economical fortune. seems to me that when the world is doing well financially, so do we, when it all turns to shit, then we have keating's "depression we had to have". fuck knows.

and while they say labour can't pay for their promises, they are promising similar deals? where's the money coming from then dickhead? oh wait. let me guess. it's not a "core promise". fuck you very much

but don't lick the yank's arses. when it comes down to economics they don't give a flying fuck who helped them in iraq. they just care about making money. short and simple.

rant ends here. like i give a shit anyway. i'd just be glad to see howard get shafted

expect this to be my last political post. i'm the most politically ignorant (and why stop there they say, you're just ignorant) person i know

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