Friday, October 08, 2004

ok, it's not new news, but i found this on marshall brain's blog while looking for pretty car pictures the other day.

so if you want to see a pretty video on the bugatti website, and you can be arsed stuffing around with it, then

Go to www.bugatti-cars.de
Choose "English".
Along the top, click on "Models"
Choose "Veyron 16.4"
Choose "Engineering"
Choose "Engine"
Along the bottom, choose "Legends from 1001 HP"
Click on video segments 1 through 7 in sequence. You may have to click the play button (small arrow) to get them to play initially.
(apologies to marshall brain, i nicked that from his blog)

there's a bit on this how stuff works website about it. ok, what can you do with a 400kph motorcar? dunno, but i'd still like to go for a drive...

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