Monday, October 25, 2004

mondays suck

well apart from feeling like shit and being inside on a lovely sunny monday, i had a good weekend.

didn't do any diving though. not over my flu enough yet. and i didn't miss much. the viz varies between 1 metre to about 8 metres. with all the recent rain there's been a lot of runoff into the bay and a lot of the water is stained brown from the tannin in the tree roots (or something or other like that. i wasn't paying attention when it was explained to me). some interesting people on board, some return customers, some late nights and bleary eyes in the mornings :-)

next weekend i'll drag out the dive gear and see if i'm up to it. it will also be a good test of how well i serviced my dive gear. so hopefully it won't stuffup. in the meantime i think i'll have a few early nights and try and recover a bit from last weekend...

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