Sunday, October 03, 2004

the long weekend

and even though the weather has been ordinary, the roads are chocka-block. i've spent all friday and saturday indoors trying to get over this stupid cold. this morning i had to get up at sparrow's fart to go and retrieve my sister and brother-in-law from the airport.

getting up at 4:30 wasn't that hard. stupid cold means i can't sleep properly anyway, except in the middle of the day. the stars were bright and so was the moon. i could see the big swell rolling in to the beaches on the way. big and messy. needs an offshore breeze to brush it up a bit.

the line of clouds along the horizon were like a big broken wave, foaming and bubbling to the north. they made the horizon look heaps closer than usual. and the moonlight on the water made the waves really stand out.

then the sun came out and i realised i'd left my frikken sunnies at home in the crap mobile. (borrowed mum and dad's car to make the trip. they said they'd just use my car to go over town and get some stuff. i said, ok. probably best if you don't try and use reverse. and if it starts shuddering and stuff, take your foot off the accelerator and try again) so i dropped into a servo for a pair of sunnies and a second red bull to keep me alert and stuff.

only took me about an hour and a half to get to the airport, which i thought was pretty good considering the few stops. then i realised it's double demerits this weekend, so the trip home was a bit slower. they were suitably excited to get home, get off the plane, and have a cigarette. and a few toilet stops to let out some of the free alcohol from the flight over.

on the way home they regaled me with stories of travel and stuff. and the usual pommy bad weather and how warm it is here (i'm wearing a jumper) and whinging poms everywhere they travelled over europe. they thought it was pretty amusing. they are lined up at customs in italy, trying to get in, and a couple of poms behind them are whinging about the place already and they haven't got in yet. they've just left behind the land of the permanent cloud and they're unhappy? although looking at the pommy tabloids i think whinging is a national sport. but seein as i mostly whinge on here, maybe i should shut up now...

dropped them and the car off at mum's, went home and had a nap. gonna be a big day today. the footy grand final. bein such a fan of the sport and all. last night dad rang up to say his telly was stuffed (again). "can i borrow yours?" he asked? ok, no probls. i drop it off, stuff around with cables and stuff. then mum says something about the big game tomorrow (today) and the penny drops. oh, the grand final is on this weekend. ok, i do actually know who is playing though. one of the guys at work is a bulldogs supporter, and he's sent all his mates an email about how well the dogs are gunna do, with a big doggies jpeg. and another mate is a roosters supporter, so he's replied in the same vein with a roosters jpeg. so now i know who are playing

so how do i know who to barrack for? easy, the opposite of everyone else hehehe. or i could do what my mad soccer mates do when we watch the grand final for soccer and we're not in it. cheer for our team anyway. confusion is good...

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