Friday, October 29, 2004

gah! life is never boring.

the bosses just rang up. the customers from melbourne are waiting on the dock. panic panic. so we're on after all. now i'm glad i ironed yesterday (for the first time ever). we're all too pissed to drive so we're getting picked up shortly, dropped off somewhere or other, depending on how quickly the bosses have moved, via the chemist of course so i don't get sea sick, then loading them all on.

i feel like shit cause i've had to tell the kids i can't have them, and spent a few mins on the phone apologising. got a 20 year school reunion on this weekend as well. but i was never gonna make that anyway. they were so disorganised i only found out about 2 weeks ago, i was already set in stone to work this weekend. i found out at lunch today i wasn't working, then just now that i was. oh well. maybe for the 30th hehehe

may you be cursed to live in interesting times....

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