Friday, October 29, 2004


thank the gods it's friday. especially the god of having fun on the weekends.

we had twilight soccer last night. now i know summer is coming. the kids are hassling me to go surfing in the afternoons and summer soccer is happening. we did our usual. ran around like idiots. had a lot of fun, laughed, stuffed up heaps and generally avoided acting our ages.

unfortunately we also had tragedy the other day with a poor guy from Wagga Wagga getting caught in a rip and drowning. so that's put a dampener on the whole week. and as is always the way in a small town, our neighbour knew of these guys. she said they'd come over for a funeral (i think) and while they were here they thought they might as well go to the beach. as you do. well, that's what got related to me about 15th hand, it's probably wrong.

that reminds me it's time to start hitting the pool. it's all well and good to tell people how to react in a rip, but you should still be a good swimmer. we should be spending a bit of time at the beach this year i reckon. if the damn car ever gets fixed and/or replaced. i am getting confident that the kids can deal with small seas now, wetsuits and surfboards make a big difference, but i'm still paranoid enough that if i can't see them i start to worry. i wonder when that stops. when they're big enough to rescue me i spose.

the boss just rang up and she said that they've cancelled the weekend charter. i was kinda looking forward to it, but i don't mind a weekend off. i'll see if the kids wanna come over. apparently the seas have come right up. they're surfing across the creek entrance where we board the customers, and the strong nor-easters forecasted will leave us pretty much nowhere to go. it's gonna be a busy season anyway, a weekend out won't hurt. although the bosses will feel the pinch with a full charter being cancelled. oh well. occupational hazard i guess.

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