Friday, October 08, 2004

dumb timing - yet again

i casually looked in the paper on wednesday to see if summer soccer was due to start, and lo and behold if there wasn't a draw in there for the start of the summer season. yay!

so thursday afternoon, after a few wind down drinkies at the pub, i headed out to the grounds to be there on time. hmmm, looks different, kiddies playing on the full sized grounds, no summer soccer setup, on the phone to one of the guys in the team and i've got the week wrong. drat drat drat. back to check the paper and yup, they put it in a week early but did put the date in there for next week. one of them little details i always miss.

i think it runs in the family though. mum sent me to school a day early, for my first day of kindergarten (hmmm, what was she trying to say?) and most of the family have been guilty of stuff like this on at least one occasion.

on the bright side it's our presentation this saturday. a game of golf and beer, followed by presentation and beer. hmmmmm beeeerrrrrr. then sitting in front of the telly all sunday watchin the great race as ford and holden v8 supercars race for supremacy. woohoo!

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