Monday, September 06, 2004

Sunday was a big day.

we woke up at 1/4 past way too fucken early for a sunday, in jindabyne, to drive up to the snow, in the rain. after a while the rain turned into snow.

it was a really beautiful sight. big snowflakes falling everywhere, the trees laden with snow etc... i got all enthusiastic and stuff. nearly forgot all the aches and pains from snow boarding the last few days. hell it was fun, but i spent a lot of time throwing myself on the ground.

unfortunately the enthusiasm worn off when we had to put these archaic poxy snow chains on the car. first they wouldn't fit properly and kept wiggling round, threating to remove paint and bits of brakes, eventually i managed to bodge one of them so it would stay on, but we couldn't get fix the other one without finally taking off the damn wheel! plus watching lunatic bus drivers. they refused to slow down for anything or anyone. i think there were two accidents involving buses. so much for professional driving...

in any case once we got going we still couldn't get through, it was just too uncontrollable, so we (and over half the people going up) turned back, and got stuck in a big lineup for an hour or so while a bus accident further down was cleared. first we filled the esky with snow, then we had snowfights and built snow men and generally annoyed everyone until we could get going. then we figured 10:00am wasn't to early for a beer, so we had a couple. we dropped off the hire equipment and headed home.

definitely a big day

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