Wednesday, September 15, 2004

oh it's all good news

the quack says i've got acute laryngitis, and bronchitis, and an ear infection. oh goody. take some antibiotics, and a strange puffer thingo and stay home bored as a nit, feeling like shit.

dragged myself out of bed for my yearly (overdue) skin cancer check, and he says i've got a couple of suspicious bits, and is recommending i use this cream that will repair the damage, while making me look like rudolf the red nosed reindeer in the meantime. i can't wait.

so i'm wasting time trolling the web. nothing too exciting. although i found a blog called My Boyfriend is a Twat which kept me amused for half an hour or so. i like the quotes, gonna see if i can remember any of them and use them at innappropriate moments.

i should be spending my time productively, tidying up the huge mess i've made in here over the past few years, but instead i think i'll troll around a bit more then go for a few more anti-flu-symptom drugs and a bit of a nap.

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