Friday, September 17, 2004


back to see the quack today. he reckons that despite feeling worse, i am actually getting better. but now he's extended my antiobiotics, and prescribed me some steroids as well. he did tell me why, but i'm too fog headed to have understood or remembered.

but that's ok, i'll go from clark kent to superman and turn up on monday all pumped up like arnold swarzenegger.

so hello to another boring-as day lying in bed, trolling the net and generally feeling like shit. oh well. shit happens

can't have the kids over this weekend either, cause i don't want to infect the little buggers. it's toxic enough having it without passing it on. work is another matter. i probably got it there, so it's my solemn duty to get back as soon as possible and do my bit to keep the chain alive by infecting all the other worker ants.... :-)

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