Tuesday, September 07, 2004

a belated "dad's day"

another shitty day at work. maybe it says something about me that i am so unhappy with work. i should lighten up and stuff. something to work at anyway.

squash with the kids this afternoon. i really appreciate spending time with these them. by the end of our game we are puffed and everyone has a big grin.

i drop them off at their mum's and the kids give me a father's day card:

a father's day quiz

1. are you careful what you say in front of the k-i-d-s?
- well yes

2. have you ever stayed up half the night assembling a trainset, dollhouse or bicycle?
- christmas eve. after the kids finally settle at around 10:30 because their so excited, but i've had a few drinks, then it's time to assemble the presents. after the first christmas you are prepared, tools, spare nuts, screws and above all, batteries!

3. "it's okay with me, if it's okay with your mother". does this sound familiar?
- hell yes

4. have you ever given the "go-now-if-your-have-to-because-i'm-not-stopping-until-we-get-there" speech before a trip?
- hell yes. might as well have told them to, err, insert suitably ridiculous thing to ask a kid here. no matter what you say, you add hours to any trip by taking kids. that's life. accept it and go on

5. do you exaggerate by more than 10kms the distance you had to walk to school?
- no, because they'll ask my mum and find me out. like i did to her hehehehehe

6. are you worried that you're air conditioning the whold neighboruhood each time the refrigerator door is opened?
- and i also tell them that the water level in the dam is dropping every time they brush their teeth!

anyway, the end bit of the card says that if you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you're more than a father, your a dad. happy dad's day.

little buggers. i'm feeling on top of the world now. i highly recommend kids to anyone. they are something special...

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