Thursday, August 12, 2004

yet another toxic thursday. i fucken hate 'em. my brother just rang up with a simple request and i frikken bit his head off. i need another holiday.

i thought i was starting to catch up with the mountain of shit that is piling on me, but it was just a fucken illusion. today was a reality check, and despite skipping lunch and working late (ok, latER) i am back to how far behind i was on monday. finally the days are getting longer. with a bit of luck i'll be surfing after work again soon. perhaps then i will relax a bit.

fuck it, it's only work. i don't give a flying fuck what they want or when they want it. next person who complains how long it took for me to fix their problem, i'm just gonna hang up and get back to them the next day, if they're lucky, maybe.

ok, thats my moan for the day. i think i feel better for venting that pile of shit and having a little tantrum. back to trying to fix the poxy pile of software crap that some demented prick created and dumped in our laps.

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