Saturday, August 14, 2004

wooden spoon? not (just)

woohoo. we won. 2-1. we beat the second last team so they are the wooden spooners and we are only second last. with our usual erratic form, we beat this team for the first time this year (out of 3 games) but after beating the competition leaders last week, i guess that just highlights how erratic we really are.

like i give a shit anyway. i only got the play the second half, so after about 10 minutes i had finally stopped gasping and got my second wind. in the first half one of our younger players (like they are ALL youngers players) had his moment of glory. said young star fronted up for the game, his first game as striker. he'd already signed his (new) boots, in case they were worth something after the match. and the little prick went and scored a goal. fuck, we laughed and cheered and jeered. he ran to the halfway and did a little forward roll (ok, not quite a back flip or somersault). fuck i laughed, and so did the entire team. you know you fit in when everyone gives you shit :-)

two of our lads were suitably disappointed at half time when the coach subbed them off, to put on the geriatric (me) and another (better) player. we had a good game and ran around like loons. the gale force winds sent 2 balls into the creek. and we played with clueless abandon.

afterwards we had a few beers and doubtlessly the shit will be spun for weeks to come

sport, gotta love it

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