Friday, August 20, 2004

thank the gods it's friday!
we played in my first semi final yesterday. it was heaps of fun, although a lot more stressful that normal thursday night soccer. and there was lots more yelling, mostly at me. at the end of 90 minutes it was still nil all, so we had to go into extra time and the other team scored a "golden goal" to win and go to the next game, next thursday night.

after the game everyone was standing around, drinking, laughing, watching the other semi final that followed ours. the competition leaders won and now they get a week off while the other two teams battle for the right to play them again. someone said that i'd had a good year, managed to score my first goal in over 35's. i replied that it wasn't just that, it was my first frikken goal ever. but that's ok, they've started to realise my true worth on the field. which is why so many people are shouting at me on the field. it would be nice if they were all yelling the same thing, but 2 different people will yell 2 different things at me, so i just go with whoever is the loudest.

a bit hungover, bruised and tight today. nothing that a long sleep in and about a week of stretches won't fix. now to wait a few weeks for summer soccer :-)

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