Tuesday, August 03, 2004

my boss has unfortunately decided that seeing as 2 of us went to a course on microsuck exchange, we should now give a presentation to the others on what we learned. so i've been madly re-reading everything because all the bright ideas i had while i was doing the course, quickly evaporated when exposed to the mundane daily crap that banked up in my absence.

i was going to sit down for an hour every morning, devoting myself to the the care and maintenance of our exchange server (or tuning it up with a hammer) and generally improving my skillz. reality however means i've forgotten most of it and haven't had a frikken chance to touch it, we've been so busy and all my enthusiasm has unfortunately been dampened by reality as well.

my "spare" time involves trying to catch up with washing etc.. at home, visiting sydney and keeping my significant other feeling that she's getting enough attention, trying to give the kids enough attention, and weekend work. i reckon i'm failing at most of it. at least i've got no more courses on the horizon. all the computer and diving courses i need for a while have all been done. anything else can wait. all my friends from work who went to the snow last weekend had a great time. great snow, party party, and generally beating the hell out of having to use your brain and study. oh well, stuff it, i'll go to the snow in a few weeks.

i was gonna go home at lunch and hang out my clothes, but the clear skies of 10 mins ago, have been replaced by grey. i wonder what the rest of the week holds in store.

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