Saturday, August 21, 2004

H-H-H-Hyundai!!!!! (bless you)

ok hyundai excel drivers. you know the little extra red light on the back of your car on the bumper? it's a fog light for chrissake! if it's not foggy, turn the fucker off. it's frikken annoying. especially on a yellow excel, with a loud exhaust (it's an excel, why bother with the loud exhaust? nothing short of a jet engine is gonna make the car perfom), hogging the right hand lane, yet not actually overtaking the car it's sitting beside on the highway. either overtake, or pull in behind him, but get the fuck out of the way. just because you're from canberra doesn't mean to have to drive like a cretin...

ok, that's my rant for the day :-)

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