Thursday, August 05, 2004

geriatric soccer

i think i need to work on my fitness! i'm the youngest guy on the team and i feel like the oldest! but it was fun. had a great run around, chasing the ball like a deranged golden retriever. actually a better image is one of those big, long red haired, unco looking dogs. my sister says their called red setters. a classic example of this is me attempting to do a huge clearance kick, i kicked it straight into the face of one of the players on my team. shit. oops. later i jumped up to head the ball and hit it right in the middle of the face, ow my nose! anyway....

we ended getting beaten 2-0. it was pretty even until about 20 mins from the end when they got 2 goals, we still looked a bit dangerous, but completely failed to put the ball in the back of the net. afterwards the showers were hot, and the beers were cold. luxury.

these guys (we were playing away) have the best clubhouse. it's a bit squashed in the changerooms, but they've got a bar and a big open area for drinking. so we went upstairs and had a few sausage sandwiches, a coupla beers, and bullshitted a bit. feeling nice and mellow now.

tomorrow is all action. i have to finish my job application for another public service IT nazi job, do a full day of IT nazi crap at my existing job, and get ready and get on the boat for a weekend of fun. we're boarding at the wharf for once tomorrow. which will make my life very easy for getting the customers on board. maneouving a big boat is a restricted space is a bit tricky though, so there'll be a little bit of stress getting ourselves away. but it should be good.

ok. kooky thursday is about over. and the weekend is looming. have a great weekend peoples. i fully intend to take my revenge for a crap week by punishing my liver. :-)

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