Thursday, August 12, 2004

feeling much better now. had geriatric soccer. ran round like a loon, screwed up heaps. and we lost 1-0. we're still in the finals though. which just amazes me to be quite honest.

15 minutes from the end i came off to cook the barbecue.everytime we play this team at their home ground they always put on a bbq. so we thought we'd better (finally) return the favour. but it was looking a bit disorganised (like it's our home ground and there are more of the opposition and their supporters than us!) so after i subbed off near the end i got it going and i think it went alright.

hell. the beer was cold and the showers were hot. cooked the snags eventually, and no-one whinged. another successful thursday night. if it wasn't for thursday night soccer, thursdays would suck beyond comprehension. it's a good thing we have twilight soccer on thursday nights during the summer!

my only problem now is i think my girlfriend is maybe sick. (it's hard to determine sometimes with a long distance relationship). and it's too late (especially when sick) to ring up and empathise and stuff. either that or she has the shits with me because i was such a sook at work today when she rang up. christ i don't know what is wrong with me. got a real nice girl, great company, and i'm having a shite of a day at work and i've clammed up a bit. and clamming up seems to be a bad thing. you know, i think i'm worse than ever with this relationship business...

i should send flowers and stuff to make up for it. well not to make up for it, but to show that i'm thinking of her and to make her happy. screw the credit card repayments. i'll be in debt 'till i die anyway.

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