Monday, August 30, 2004

maybe i should rename this to "The Sulk Starts Here" tm

either that or maybe i should shut up for a bit until i sort my shit out. then i'll write something (anything) which isn't a whinge, sulk or moan (rants are allowed)

Friday, August 27, 2004

as i wiped the birdshit from my eye, i thanked the lord that elephants don't fly....

it's been that kind of a week really. sulk sulk, moan moan, whinge whinge. whatever. on the bright side, the boss it out of the office, and the divisional boss is away today. pity that makes stuff all difference to my workload, except that neither of them can fly past and shit another noxious chore on me while asking when i'm going to complete the last ones that are buried in the mire of shit that everyone expects to have been done yesterday. fuck it all

oh great, i had thought that my day/week could not possibly get worse. my microsuck poxy server has just committed suicide. fuck fuck fuck

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

check this article on slashdot. it briefly mentions that internet exploder is unsafe, and refers us to browsehappy.com for more details, and a bit of a clue to some of the more common browser alternatives.

if you're stuck behind a microsuck firewall like me, it might take a bit of fiddling to get yourself out using your favourite browser. but preferring firefox over microsoft's volatile offering, i'm glad i did.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

H-H-H-Hyundai!!!!! (bless you)

ok hyundai excel drivers. you know the little extra red light on the back of your car on the bumper? it's a fog light for chrissake! if it's not foggy, turn the fucker off. it's frikken annoying. especially on a yellow excel, with a loud exhaust (it's an excel, why bother with the loud exhaust? nothing short of a jet engine is gonna make the car perfom), hogging the right hand lane, yet not actually overtaking the car it's sitting beside on the highway. either overtake, or pull in behind him, but get the fuck out of the way. just because you're from canberra doesn't mean to have to drive like a cretin...

ok, that's my rant for the day :-)

Friday, August 20, 2004

thank the gods it's friday!
we played in my first semi final yesterday. it was heaps of fun, although a lot more stressful that normal thursday night soccer. and there was lots more yelling, mostly at me. at the end of 90 minutes it was still nil all, so we had to go into extra time and the other team scored a "golden goal" to win and go to the next game, next thursday night.

after the game everyone was standing around, drinking, laughing, watching the other semi final that followed ours. the competition leaders won and now they get a week off while the other two teams battle for the right to play them again. someone said that i'd had a good year, managed to score my first goal in over 35's. i replied that it wasn't just that, it was my first frikken goal ever. but that's ok, they've started to realise my true worth on the field. which is why so many people are shouting at me on the field. it would be nice if they were all yelling the same thing, but 2 different people will yell 2 different things at me, so i just go with whoever is the loudest.

a bit hungover, bruised and tight today. nothing that a long sleep in and about a week of stretches won't fix. now to wait a few weeks for summer soccer :-)

Monday, August 16, 2004

quotedly badly, from an unknown source (and now plagiarized (fuck the spelling) and used to describe my life): "it may be that your life serves merely as an example to others"

monday the 16th

ok, i'm fucking amazed. friday the 13th none-the-less being a shit of a day, not quite as bad as thursday the 12th (fucking thursdays!) has been completely overshadowed by monday the 16th. can it be that because these days are normally quite painful that being in close proximity to friday the 13th has blown them out of all proportion? my mum even asked how my friday had been. she (no, not the cat's mother) usually won't remember that i don't drink tea or coffee (it's beer, water, coke, or now, redbull) but she remembers that friday the 13th's screw me up. since about 20 years ago.. i'm impressed. given that i turned up on the way home from work looking like something the dog had dragged in after the cat had hacked it up, maybe she had a bit of a clue.

i don't unload on my parents though. being the dysfunctional prick that i am, i am completely unable to confide in family when i am feeling really fucked up. (the family reading this will know this already - how fucked, reading this here eh?) i don't want answers, i know i've fucked up, and given the lack of a rewind button on my life, i've got to add it all to the list of shit that any less clueless prick would have known without having to experience it in order to learn it.

i think that i could only feel worse at this point if some prick were to hit me over the back of the head with a baseball bat. in fact i might even thank said batter, after, of course, running over him or her with my car a whole bunch of times. assuming that the fucking thing keeps working for that long.

highs, lows and then there's work. i must have been hitler's brother in a past life, or something else equally fucked up. not only am i completely inept, clumsy, and a clueless dumb fuck. but, as it turns out, i am an insensitive stupid cunt with less brains and/or insight, than a flock of rubber duckies floating on the pond at the sewerage treatment works. i have managed, yet again fuck it, to amaze myself by my stupidity, and cause pain and hurt to a strong, special, smart, sexy, totally with-it, yet unfortunately vulnerable at this exact frikken moment, lady


shoot me now

Saturday, August 14, 2004

wooden spoon? not (just)

woohoo. we won. 2-1. we beat the second last team so they are the wooden spooners and we are only second last. with our usual erratic form, we beat this team for the first time this year (out of 3 games) but after beating the competition leaders last week, i guess that just highlights how erratic we really are.

like i give a shit anyway. i only got the play the second half, so after about 10 minutes i had finally stopped gasping and got my second wind. in the first half one of our younger players (like they are ALL youngers players) had his moment of glory. said young star fronted up for the game, his first game as striker. he'd already signed his (new) boots, in case they were worth something after the match. and the little prick went and scored a goal. fuck, we laughed and cheered and jeered. he ran to the halfway and did a little forward roll (ok, not quite a back flip or somersault). fuck i laughed, and so did the entire team. you know you fit in when everyone gives you shit :-)

two of our lads were suitably disappointed at half time when the coach subbed them off, to put on the geriatric (me) and another (better) player. we had a good game and ran around like loons. the gale force winds sent 2 balls into the creek. and we played with clueless abandon.

afterwards we had a few beers and doubtlessly the shit will be spun for weeks to come

sport, gotta love it

Friday, August 13, 2004

black friday

well whaddya know. it's friday the 13th. i'm not superstitious, but kooky shit always seems to happen to me on friday the 13th.

my horoscope for today is simple: "everything you do today will be wrong"

Thursday, August 12, 2004

feeling much better now. had geriatric soccer. ran round like a loon, screwed up heaps. and we lost 1-0. we're still in the finals though. which just amazes me to be quite honest.

15 minutes from the end i came off to cook the barbecue.everytime we play this team at their home ground they always put on a bbq. so we thought we'd better (finally) return the favour. but it was looking a bit disorganised (like it's our home ground and there are more of the opposition and their supporters than us!) so after i subbed off near the end i got it going and i think it went alright.

hell. the beer was cold and the showers were hot. cooked the snags eventually, and no-one whinged. another successful thursday night. if it wasn't for thursday night soccer, thursdays would suck beyond comprehension. it's a good thing we have twilight soccer on thursday nights during the summer!

my only problem now is i think my girlfriend is maybe sick. (it's hard to determine sometimes with a long distance relationship). and it's too late (especially when sick) to ring up and empathise and stuff. either that or she has the shits with me because i was such a sook at work today when she rang up. christ i don't know what is wrong with me. got a real nice girl, great company, and i'm having a shite of a day at work and i've clammed up a bit. and clamming up seems to be a bad thing. you know, i think i'm worse than ever with this relationship business...

i should send flowers and stuff to make up for it. well not to make up for it, but to show that i'm thinking of her and to make her happy. screw the credit card repayments. i'll be in debt 'till i die anyway.

yet another toxic thursday. i fucken hate 'em. my brother just rang up with a simple request and i frikken bit his head off. i need another holiday.

i thought i was starting to catch up with the mountain of shit that is piling on me, but it was just a fucken illusion. today was a reality check, and despite skipping lunch and working late (ok, latER) i am back to how far behind i was on monday. finally the days are getting longer. with a bit of luck i'll be surfing after work again soon. perhaps then i will relax a bit.

fuck it, it's only work. i don't give a flying fuck what they want or when they want it. next person who complains how long it took for me to fix their problem, i'm just gonna hang up and get back to them the next day, if they're lucky, maybe.

ok, thats my moan for the day. i think i feel better for venting that pile of shit and having a little tantrum. back to trying to fix the poxy pile of software crap that some demented prick created and dumped in our laps.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

geriatric soccer

i think i need to work on my fitness! i'm the youngest guy on the team and i feel like the oldest! but it was fun. had a great run around, chasing the ball like a deranged golden retriever. actually a better image is one of those big, long red haired, unco looking dogs. my sister says their called red setters. a classic example of this is me attempting to do a huge clearance kick, i kicked it straight into the face of one of the players on my team. shit. oops. later i jumped up to head the ball and hit it right in the middle of the face, ow my nose! anyway....

we ended getting beaten 2-0. it was pretty even until about 20 mins from the end when they got 2 goals, we still looked a bit dangerous, but completely failed to put the ball in the back of the net. afterwards the showers were hot, and the beers were cold. luxury.

these guys (we were playing away) have the best clubhouse. it's a bit squashed in the changerooms, but they've got a bar and a big open area for drinking. so we went upstairs and had a few sausage sandwiches, a coupla beers, and bullshitted a bit. feeling nice and mellow now.

tomorrow is all action. i have to finish my job application for another public service IT nazi job, do a full day of IT nazi crap at my existing job, and get ready and get on the boat for a weekend of fun. we're boarding at the wharf for once tomorrow. which will make my life very easy for getting the customers on board. maneouving a big boat is a restricted space is a bit tricky though, so there'll be a little bit of stress getting ourselves away. but it should be good.

ok. kooky thursday is about over. and the weekend is looming. have a great weekend peoples. i fully intend to take my revenge for a crap week by punishing my liver. :-)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

my boss has unfortunately decided that seeing as 2 of us went to a course on microsuck exchange, we should now give a presentation to the others on what we learned. so i've been madly re-reading everything because all the bright ideas i had while i was doing the course, quickly evaporated when exposed to the mundane daily crap that banked up in my absence.

i was going to sit down for an hour every morning, devoting myself to the the care and maintenance of our exchange server (or tuning it up with a hammer) and generally improving my skillz. reality however means i've forgotten most of it and haven't had a frikken chance to touch it, we've been so busy and all my enthusiasm has unfortunately been dampened by reality as well.

my "spare" time involves trying to catch up with washing etc.. at home, visiting sydney and keeping my significant other feeling that she's getting enough attention, trying to give the kids enough attention, and weekend work. i reckon i'm failing at most of it. at least i've got no more courses on the horizon. all the computer and diving courses i need for a while have all been done. anything else can wait. all my friends from work who went to the snow last weekend had a great time. great snow, party party, and generally beating the hell out of having to use your brain and study. oh well, stuff it, i'll go to the snow in a few weeks.

i was gonna go home at lunch and hang out my clothes, but the clear skies of 10 mins ago, have been replaced by grey. i wonder what the rest of the week holds in store.

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