Friday, July 02, 2004

yet another friday.

and i'm glad about that! i've spent the last 2 days home sick, feeling sorry for myself, and generally coughing up my lungs. probably not the wisest decision to come to work today, but i really need to finish a few jobs before i disappear for 2 weeks.

next week i'm up to the big smoke to learn about microsoft exchange. a necessary evil as we are too far down the microsuck path to back out easily. the boss wants me to upgrade to exchange 2003, but exchange 2000 was a big enough nightmare that they seem to have decided to spend the money on training before i screw it up, rather than overtime after it's been well and truly screwed.

the week afterwards i'm disappearing up the central coast for a week off. i'm quite looking forward to it, even though i can't work out at this stage how to take my surfboard. my car has shit itself and my lift doesn't have room or roof racks. drat. oh well...

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