Thursday, July 29, 2004


we won tonight. the players from both sides said that it wasn't a great game. lots of mistakes and stuff. but i told them i didn't give a shit. because I SCORED THE WINNING (ONLY) GOAL!!!

ok, it probably didn't enhance my goal scoring status when i looked around to see where the ball had gone, saw that it had actually gone in the net, then, with a look of amazement on my face said YES!!!!, and promptly subbed myself so as not to sour the moment with a fuckup the next time i touched the ball.

just picture me now doing a little dance while i'm typing hehehehe

this is my only goal in a "proper" game of soccer. having never scored in grade soccer on the weekends, and only scored in summer soccer.

abso-fucking-lutely amazing. knock me down with a feather and gimme a beer.... the only way tonight could possibly have been better is if the showers had hot water! social sport. i love it!

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