Wednesday, July 07, 2004

well it's day 3 of the exchange admin course, and my brain is oozing out of my ears...

we started off day 1 with "death by powerpoint presentation", but fortunately it has been broken up with demos and hands on labs. the first few days were pretty cruisy, leaving early and stuff. but today we managed to break a few things, and had to upgrade a service pack so we could actually do the examples. i think it's the first time this lecturer has run this course...

so now we are a little behind. drat. i'd rather have worked a little harder on monday and tuesday, and be heaps in front, for an early disappearing act on friday

but anyway, today we've learned a few things. i'm actually fairly keen to get back to work. which has to be a frikken first for a long bloody time. i want to get in there and try a few things out, see what i can break. plus i've got a couple of problems that have been hanging around for ages. perhaps i can knock them on the head and show off my skillz (and generally dazzle the others with bullshit)

north sydney is a strange little place. for starters i think there are more computer and business type shops than cafes. and the amount of empty offices is amazing. i couldn't work out why at first, but now i think it's because it's absolutely impossible to park anywhere. and there are more people with suits than you can poke a big stick at. i was surprised today to finally see a couple of kids, walking up the block behind where i'm studying, with a box of TEDs (toohey's extra dry). they fit in even worse than i did :-)

ok, back to reviewing my notes, for a short time, then i might have another beer and pass out :-)

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