Saturday, July 10, 2004

saturday is here, and so is the hangover i installed last night.

i got back from my week at the course feeling all enthusiastic about fixing up our mail server, so i thought i'd better get into work before the feeling wore off. i was at my desk having a bit of a fiddle, when someone said, "oh, you're here for the drinks."

drinks? woohoo! so consider my enthusiasm well and truly worn off. i need a berocca and another few hours sleep. which is a bit of a pity because i have about another 30 mins to get my clothes dried and get back in the car and drive up to sydney. gatorade and redbull will fix anything. i hope.....

my youngest sister is back from the uk, and full of interesting yarns, so unfortunately i have to give her car back, and she took the feral monster cat to the vet the other day, in my car, fluff fucking city.... if that doesn't cause the damn thing to break down nothing will.

another month or so and my other sister (hi bindy!) will be back as well, and i'll have to give her car back as well. drat. maybe i should fix my stupid car!

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