Thursday, July 22, 2004

frikken thursdays

i never can get the hang of thursdays....

today one of our hard disk drives failed, on a user's computer, after he was told to clean up his data on the network. so he copied all his data off the network onto his hard drive, which then shot itself 2 weeks later. fuck fuck fuck...

so it falls on me to attempt recovery. at this stage it looks like reinstall all software, restore from 2 week old backup all the data that was on the network, then he can just do whatever he did for the past 2 weeks and he'll have it all back.

so i'm part way through the reinstall. we stuck the old, fucked, hard disk in the freezer for a few hours and i just tried it again. you wouldn't read about it. the fucken thing spun up and i'm madly copying off the data. the boss came past and pretended to breathe on it to heat it up, i nearly stabbed him.

i've had drives work again after being left for a few days (when other clueless bunnies did the same thing) but this is the first time i've used the freezer treatment. i'm impressed. often i take advantage of these moments to rub it in to clueless users when this happens, but unfortunately i'm related to him. so i'm just gonna fix it, copy the data, and treat it like a hot potato and get it the fuck off my desk.

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