Thursday, July 29, 2004

another poxy thursday

has come to a close, well just about. i'm looking forward to soccer tonight. i haven't done any exercise since last thursday and i'm feeling really run down. i'm blaming a lack of exercise. i won't blame the too many late nights or too many beers, that'd be just silly.

no more weekend soccer this year. we've only got 3 weekends to go, and it looks like i'm working all those weekends. which isn't making me very popular on the girlfriend front either. which i can understand. i'm so broke at the moment i can't even afford the petrol to drive the crapmobile (assuming it doesn't shit itself on the way) to her house. it's gonna be a long coupla weeks.

i've been off the boat so long i think i need to be retrained. i found a cool new site too. U.S. Submarines. it's a pity i'll never be rich enough to afford any of these toys. even if i won the lotto i still couldn't afford it.

work is shit, haven't been surfing in ages. i feel burnt out. need to put my scuba gear back together and have a huge fun weekend on the boat. maybe that'll fix me....

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