Thursday, July 29, 2004


we won tonight. the players from both sides said that it wasn't a great game. lots of mistakes and stuff. but i told them i didn't give a shit. because I SCORED THE WINNING (ONLY) GOAL!!!

ok, it probably didn't enhance my goal scoring status when i looked around to see where the ball had gone, saw that it had actually gone in the net, then, with a look of amazement on my face said YES!!!!, and promptly subbed myself so as not to sour the moment with a fuckup the next time i touched the ball.

just picture me now doing a little dance while i'm typing hehehehe

this is my only goal in a "proper" game of soccer. having never scored in grade soccer on the weekends, and only scored in summer soccer.

abso-fucking-lutely amazing. knock me down with a feather and gimme a beer.... the only way tonight could possibly have been better is if the showers had hot water! social sport. i love it!

another poxy thursday

has come to a close, well just about. i'm looking forward to soccer tonight. i haven't done any exercise since last thursday and i'm feeling really run down. i'm blaming a lack of exercise. i won't blame the too many late nights or too many beers, that'd be just silly.

no more weekend soccer this year. we've only got 3 weekends to go, and it looks like i'm working all those weekends. which isn't making me very popular on the girlfriend front either. which i can understand. i'm so broke at the moment i can't even afford the petrol to drive the crapmobile (assuming it doesn't shit itself on the way) to her house. it's gonna be a long coupla weeks.

i've been off the boat so long i think i need to be retrained. i found a cool new site too. U.S. Submarines. it's a pity i'll never be rich enough to afford any of these toys. even if i won the lotto i still couldn't afford it.

work is shit, haven't been surfing in ages. i feel burnt out. need to put my scuba gear back together and have a huge fun weekend on the boat. maybe that'll fix me....

Friday, July 23, 2004

friday again!

the weeks are going way too quick. either that or i'm sitting in my chair, drooling senselessly, and only come to my senses a couple of times a day, and everyone is too polite to say anything.

we got out arses kicked at soccer last night, which just figures. we had 5 subs. 2 weeks ago while i was away they had only 10 players and played great. so i said next time we've got too many i'll just stand on the sideline and get pissed. i think all the team wants the same job!

my brother has just emailed me the dictionary.com word of the day; eructation

Word of the Day for Thursday July 22, 2004

eructation \ih-ruhk-TAY-shuhn\, noun:
The act of belching; a belch.

Ignatius belched, the gassy eructations echoing between the
walls of the alley.
--John Kennedy Toole, [1]A Confederacy of Dunces

The explosion, at this distance, sounds like a faint,
feeble eructation.
--Peter Conrad, "Bangs to whimpers," [2]The Observer, March
7, 2004

Eructation comes from Latin eructatio, from eructare, from e-,
"out" + ructare, "to belch."

sounds good :-)

tomorrow i'm up to the sunny (hah - foggy more likely) valley to learn all about gas mixing, and how not to kill people, including myself, when filling oxygen enriched scuba tanks. i've got a book i'm meant to have already read, so i don't have to waste any time on theory. woops. i'll be madly swotting tonight and tomorrow morning before it starts!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

frikken thursdays

i never can get the hang of thursdays....

today one of our hard disk drives failed, on a user's computer, after he was told to clean up his data on the network. so he copied all his data off the network onto his hard drive, which then shot itself 2 weeks later. fuck fuck fuck...

so it falls on me to attempt recovery. at this stage it looks like reinstall all software, restore from 2 week old backup all the data that was on the network, then he can just do whatever he did for the past 2 weeks and he'll have it all back.

so i'm part way through the reinstall. we stuck the old, fucked, hard disk in the freezer for a few hours and i just tried it again. you wouldn't read about it. the fucken thing spun up and i'm madly copying off the data. the boss came past and pretended to breathe on it to heat it up, i nearly stabbed him.

i've had drives work again after being left for a few days (when other clueless bunnies did the same thing) but this is the first time i've used the freezer treatment. i'm impressed. often i take advantage of these moments to rub it in to clueless users when this happens, but unfortunately i'm related to him. so i'm just gonna fix it, copy the data, and treat it like a hot potato and get it the fuck off my desk.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

hmmmmm beeerrrrrrr

well Jonas has inspired me to write about my favourite topic. beer.
unlike his five favourite nites on the piss i'll instead mention my "days of the week on the piss"

typically a painful day, usually with a hangover courtesy of the meat raffle at the rsl club on sunday, well courtesy of the meat raffle and not wanting to stop once getting home. one good beer deserves another!
by the end of monday i'm usually looking for solace, and where better than in a bottle of tooheys new or resch's pilsner.

ok, probably have found my feet by now, unless i needed a lot of solace last night. but i wouldn't mind a couple of quiet beers and an early night.

wednesday (humpday)
usually squash with the grot, followed by soccer training. tonight is fitness night. after trashing myself trying to keep up with the younger players (which is everyone on the damn team) i wouldn't mind a beer or 3 to take my mind off the pain. payday today!
humpday means it's all downhill for the rest of the week, and what better way to send me on my way than a coupla beers.

usually over 35's soccer tonight. these guys are well organised. always beer available for enjoying after the game. the half time talk is pretty good as well. i remember the first week i played, at half time someone started talking about soccer, fortunately someone else told him to shut up. "fuck talking about soccer, tell us about what roots you've had instead!". after this inspiring team talk we went on to turn the game around and from 3-1 down we won 5-3.

soccer training again, this is usually skill training. and seeing as we play on saturday, i'm in full bludge mode. i usually have the kids on friday night anyway, so if i possibly can, i won't turn up at all. but if i do that then i'll probably only get to play a half game on saturday.
after this it's dinner and a vid with the kids. i keep promising myself to stay sober on friday nights to see if i have any more energy on saturdays. haven't found out yet.....

the big day. sleep in, (or during the summer nick to the beach with the kids for a surf) then get ready for soccer. if i haven't been to training this week, or maybe just missed friday night, then i'll probably only get half a game. which really sucks. i wouldn't mind if they took me off at half time, but they usually don't let me start until halftime. it takes me a good 15-35 mins to get started, so i'm still puffing like a steam train when the friggen game is finishing!
after the game i really feel like i need a beer. and if i'm not driving, then i've usually organised a coupla coldies then i'm ready for some intelligent barracking (har har de har). it's only a matter of time until i get sinbinned on the sideline. so far my saving grace is that after a coupla beers all you can hear is loud, unintelligble abuse, and no-one is really sure what i'm going on about anyway. which is for the best, i haven't got much of a clue really.
afterwards we'll probably head off to the local to celebrate our losses.

big big big sleep in, probably with a hangover. if i manage to drag my sorry arse out of bed before lunch, then it's round to mum's for a bbq lunch (breakfast) and maybe a couple of beers to get my liver to shut down, shut up, and generally stop making me feel so bad. afterwards down to the rsl for the meat raffle. i never even buy any tickets anymore, i'm just there for the beer. and to install a hangover for monday. mondays suck anyway, might as well feel bad from a hangover anyway.

might as well post my theme song:
by Homer J. Simpson.

DOUGH... the stuff...that buys me beer...
RAY..... the guy that sells me beer...
ME...... the guy... who drinks the beer
FAR..... the distance to my beer
SO...... I think I'll have a beer...
LA...... La la la la la la beer
TEA..... no thanks, I'm drinking beer...
That will bring us back to...(Looks into an empty glass)

Monday, July 19, 2004

luna park

i just remembered today what fun stuff i also did when i went to sydney. i went to luna park! it was great fun. ok, now i've searched and found a link for it, it seems melbourne has one too, and about 500 other countries, well whatever. luna park was fun
we went on the ferris wheel, with the grumpy attendants, and watched the cool boats driving under the coathanger (harbour bridge). then we went and had a few goes sliding down the big slippery dip on old hessian bags, that was fun. then we spent about $20 playing sega rally and nascar races :-)
gotta go there again and take the kidlets.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

saturday is here, and so is the hangover i installed last night.

i got back from my week at the course feeling all enthusiastic about fixing up our mail server, so i thought i'd better get into work before the feeling wore off. i was at my desk having a bit of a fiddle, when someone said, "oh, you're here for the drinks."

drinks? woohoo! so consider my enthusiasm well and truly worn off. i need a berocca and another few hours sleep. which is a bit of a pity because i have about another 30 mins to get my clothes dried and get back in the car and drive up to sydney. gatorade and redbull will fix anything. i hope.....

my youngest sister is back from the uk, and full of interesting yarns, so unfortunately i have to give her car back, and she took the feral monster cat to the vet the other day, in my car, fluff fucking city.... if that doesn't cause the damn thing to break down nothing will.

another month or so and my other sister (hi bindy!) will be back as well, and i'll have to give her car back as well. drat. maybe i should fix my stupid car!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

well it's day 3 of the exchange admin course, and my brain is oozing out of my ears...

we started off day 1 with "death by powerpoint presentation", but fortunately it has been broken up with demos and hands on labs. the first few days were pretty cruisy, leaving early and stuff. but today we managed to break a few things, and had to upgrade a service pack so we could actually do the examples. i think it's the first time this lecturer has run this course...

so now we are a little behind. drat. i'd rather have worked a little harder on monday and tuesday, and be heaps in front, for an early disappearing act on friday

but anyway, today we've learned a few things. i'm actually fairly keen to get back to work. which has to be a frikken first for a long bloody time. i want to get in there and try a few things out, see what i can break. plus i've got a couple of problems that have been hanging around for ages. perhaps i can knock them on the head and show off my skillz (and generally dazzle the others with bullshit)

north sydney is a strange little place. for starters i think there are more computer and business type shops than cafes. and the amount of empty offices is amazing. i couldn't work out why at first, but now i think it's because it's absolutely impossible to park anywhere. and there are more people with suits than you can poke a big stick at. i was surprised today to finally see a couple of kids, walking up the block behind where i'm studying, with a box of TEDs (toohey's extra dry). they fit in even worse than i did :-)

ok, back to reviewing my notes, for a short time, then i might have another beer and pass out :-)

Friday, July 02, 2004

yet another friday.

and i'm glad about that! i've spent the last 2 days home sick, feeling sorry for myself, and generally coughing up my lungs. probably not the wisest decision to come to work today, but i really need to finish a few jobs before i disappear for 2 weeks.

next week i'm up to the big smoke to learn about microsoft exchange. a necessary evil as we are too far down the microsuck path to back out easily. the boss wants me to upgrade to exchange 2003, but exchange 2000 was a big enough nightmare that they seem to have decided to spend the money on training before i screw it up, rather than overtime after it's been well and truly screwed.

the week afterwards i'm disappearing up the central coast for a week off. i'm quite looking forward to it, even though i can't work out at this stage how to take my surfboard. my car has shit itself and my lift doesn't have room or roof racks. drat. oh well...

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