Thursday, June 24, 2004

wow, i'm nearly down to one post a week. maybe i have a life after all. ok, i can pretend i do anyway.

nearly at the end of the week, and i'm glad of that. being swamped is no fun. nearly got my stupid home computer fixed. i hate setting it up from scratch, takes forever. and you can't just set it up and connect to the net anymore, you'll catch all kinds of nasties, so i've had to make up a few cd's with microsuck security patches on them.

at least unreal tournament is working again. heaven forbid if there should be any problems with that. now to see if firefox will work. it was what crapped out in the first place, although the same build was working on this (craptop) and work pc, i think i had a corrupt registry.

time to finish the ironing and get ready for "old farts soccer". in every other country in the world they call it football, but here and in the usa they call it soccer. i found out that's an abbreviation/molestation of "association football". according to the radio the other day, soccer is now the most popularly played sport in australia, probably something to do with a 25% increase in the number of women playing, in the last year.

i reckon more girls than guys play in my area. now that my daughter plays ladies soccer (enough to really make me feel old) i see how many womens teams play. there's lots.

anyway, it said it on the radio, so it must be true, also on this ask earl page. which could be crap though. also it only sport participation, not watching sport. the myriad of crap on the australian bureau of statistics seems to indicate that maybe flog is more popular

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