Thursday, June 24, 2004

ok, time for my personal rant of crap for the evening.

i love bagging the yanks, and as far as i'm concerned, when it comes to political interference, they're about as welcome as your mother-in-law. always sticking their friggen noses in. but these morons: About 75 Die in Wave of Iraqi Attacks really take the cake. i mean, really, what do the silly fucks think they will achieve? the yanks are handing back rule of iraq to iraqis. sure, the iraqis they've picked are (according to my usual dramatic, yet incorrect sources) either useless, exiles, or american lapdogs. do these dickshits really think that by their actions, the resolve of either the usa or the new iraqi leaders will change? get a fucking clue you dumb cunts. really.

to quote (badly) something i read once: these pricks are so clueless, that they couldn't get a clue if they rubbed themselves in clue juice, and did the clue dance in a field of horny clues

to restate the obvious, these pricks can't really think that their actions will do anything constructive. do they think the yanks will say "hey, this is too scarey, we're going home now". for fuck's sake. the iraqis will get control of their own country, if you don't like your gov't, work within the channels, play the damn game, get the numbers and win. in any case, without a big army, these mutant pricks are just deluding themselves.

as my dad would say, follow the money. someone is making money by convincing these fucking peons to kill themselves for the cause.

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