Saturday, June 05, 2004

ok, that was frikken fun! another half hour or so and my fingers might thaw out though.

i had a date on friday night. we had malaysian for dinner, goda goda, which is some kind vegetarian dish, which will also amaze anyone that knows me that i ate vegetarian, and also some satay chicken dish as well. i can't remember what the entree was, but it was nice, and we were full, and had food left over. afterwards we went to watch troy.

i thought it was alright, ok. so it probably wasn't entirely historically accurate, but then, it's a movie, that kind of shit happens. we were glued to the screen for the whole movie, with the occasional snide remark, because thats just the shallow kind of sniggerers we are. :-)

caught up with her again today to watch the lord of the rings - return of the king, on dvd. being the slacker that i am, i haven't seen it yet. we completed the crosswords, slothed around a bit, then it was time to drive home. a great time, i'm flying still.

*aside bit*
i haven't managed (as far as i know) to screw up yet. perhaps it's just a matter of time. i have, so far, a 100% failure rate with relationships (hehehe every one i've been in, has failed). so i'm just living for the moment. enjoying all the good bits while they last. as far as i'm concerned, life is for having fun.

but i think i'm not going to talk about this in any detail anymore. she is as big a computer geek as i am, and i would hate it if she trolled across this on the web one day, put 2 and 2 together, and come up with about 17 as is the nature of the female species. and she is definitely smart enough to work out who wrote this, she's a shitload smarter than i am in any case. i will just say, for the very few who are interested; she is a very cute, funny, interesting, audacious, bodacious (see bill and ted, not the dictionary), quirky, snide, snarky, sniggering and totally unpredictable lady (ok, sorry ladies, but you are all unpredictable to us poor fools, and those are all compliments). i'm quite enjoying myself at the moment, the moment may not last, she may come to her senses, but in the meantime, i'm having fun.
*end drunken aside*

i was going to put the top on the car, but it was such a nice night, the moon is just past full. it looked fantastic above the lights of sydney, and then a bit higher over the lights of wollongong as i drove down bulli pass. right in the middle of the moon's bright patch on the water was an oil tanker, with all it's running lights, party lights and christmas lights as far as i know, all turned on. woops, watch the road dopey!

it was a bit cool though. cruising down the hume on about 75mph when a commmondore cruised past. i figured he could be a wood duck (decoy) for me so i sped up and followed him. goddamn, that engine loves to sing, and my hands are freezing. a singlet, the thinnest goddamn trousers, a shirt, 2 jumpers, jacket and a beannie, i'm just warm enough. i swap hands on the steering wheel every 10 minutes and sit on the other one to try and warm it up. (thanks for letting me look after your car you two. btw: you will really really need to put new tyres on when you get back! those ones are 15 years old and hard as a rock... i'd do it myself, but i'm broke and what little play money i've got left, i'm currently spending on the kids and seeing this girl in sydney. wanna buy a commodore? hehehehe)

definition of getting old and stupid: i'm doing 90mph in a 40 year old car, lynyrd skynyrd blaring on the 'wireless', giving a big dopey grin to all the poor suckers i overtake, trapped in their boxes. it's not smart, but it was one of them zen moments.

it was a bit warmer once i got back on the coast, plus i was a bit busier with the twisty bits. got to play silly buggers with a commodore and a lancer going around kiama bends. the lancer got past me without too much trouble, i finally let the commodore past on the last bend. not too shabby for a 40 year old car i reckon. and yes, i was behaving. in a car of this age, crap tyres, no rollover protection of any kind, nor seatbelts, i'm not pushing it! but feel free to fill the comments with sarcasm and sniggers.

home in just over 2 hours. traffic was good and once i got moving i felt my usual eagerness to get home and veg out. i but definitely enjoyed the moment. and moments are what i live for...

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