Thursday, June 03, 2004

ok, my car isn't parked in jutland parade yet, but alan bond has called the cops because it's circling the block blowing smoke.

ok, it's a crap analogy, i don't care. the dratted thing needs new clutches for the automatic transmission, which will cost $1500-$2000. i think i'm going to get another opinion, or at least get someone else to fix it. this same guy completely rebuilt the transmission 2 years ago. i think i'll just save up and trade it in, and don't drive it in the meantime.

home sick from work today. got the flu. which means i'll be bored out of my skull by lunchtime. but if i go into work today or tomorrow, i'll be completely fogged up and useless anyway.

so i'm keeping myself occupied doing boring things around the house, tidying up the washing which hasn't been put away for the past 3 weeks, making my bed, maybe even vacuuming!

enough dithering, back to it....

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