Monday, June 21, 2004

just another manic monday

wan't as late as usual for a monday today. i reckon in another few weeks i'll have it wired. got up early enough to beat the traffic and didn't speed too much. got home, fed the cat, made sure the little bugger was locked out so he couldn't leave another smelly bomb in the cat litter. i'm gonna have to spray the house, that's just off!

had a fun weekend. lost at soccer as usual, but rather than go to the pub to celebrate, this time i thought i'd drive to sydney instead :-) had a very relaxing weekend, slothing in front of a computer, playing games, watching movies, staying up and sleeping in. there's only one problem with these early morning starts and drives home on a monday morning though.... after 2 red bulls, and 2 cokes, i'm buzzing again, it can't be good for me. i'll have to start catching up on sleep i think. maybe tomorrow night.

my sister has gone to visit my other sister in the uk. i don't think the poor poms will know what hit them. she arrived safe and sound, and from the sounds of it, they spent the first night getting pissed and trolling through joke mpegs, the ones which circulate around the net, from morons skateboarding off buildings, to morons strapping an air tank to their backs and using it to jet propel themselves into a barrell full of oranges.

apparently after her stopover in vietnam, she wants a motorbike so she can terrorise pedestrians over here...

anyway, CelestialBlue has given me an idea. i'll give my remaining 5 free google email invitations to whoever asks me for them first. i went to the gmail swap and managed to get a free tour guide to istanbul in case i ever go there again, and also a greek salad recipe, being the gourmet chef that i am (not!).

anyway, if you want them, let me know. everyone should have a 1000MB free email account hehehe. and yahoo has upgraded to 100mb, woohoo, i won't have to clean it out for a while now. makes my 20mb free russian email account look very shabby, hehehe

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