Friday, June 11, 2004

freaky friday

freaky friday, yet another movie i can't watch because i can't stand watching people embarrass themselves on television. i don't care if it's a movie, make believe, etc... i just have to leave. grot L's choice for a movie. she loves it. i'm hiding in the computer room until it's less embarrassing and i can return.

probably a good choice of movie though for today. another freaky day in my freaky life.

soccer last night was fun. totally drenched from the rain, running round like lunatics, slithering and sliding and falling over heaps. ok that was mostly just me. managed a beaut unco moment when one of the opposition kicked the ball away from his goal before i could wildly smash it towards the goalmouth, pity i'm so unco, i smashed him in the knee, woops, sorry dude. he got his revenge about 5 mins later though, we were both running for the ball and smashed into each other and head butted each other, 5 mins after that i got the ball off him and he nearly kicked me in the nuts. maybe he was as unco as me hehehehe

we won, i have absolutely no idea how. probably because everyone else on the team apart from me actually has a clue. of course my randomn passes had a lot to do with it (NOT). i like to cause confusion, and whenever i touch the ball, confusion reigns. i figure if i don't know where the ball is going to go, the opposition won't either. the downside of course is that neither will my teammates. oh well. we did get a goal off one of my randomn passes, which probably says more for the quality of our competition than any guile or cunning on my part :-)

a classic example: our team is attacking, and the damn ball has, without any regard for us all wanting it to go in the opposition net, bounced out, towards me. oh shit. so i pretend i'm all enthusiastic and stuff, and bolt off after it like a deranged, stick fetching dog (just imagine one of them big ones, as they run they drool, their legs go all over the place, it's not pretty) and to my complete surprise i get to the ball first, and not only that, i do the most, absolutely well co-ordinated kick, to send it bouncing perfectly back to whence it should have came from, so our guys could all chase after it and score and stuff, were it not for the fact that i managed to also kick the fucken thing straight into one of my flailing arms and get a free kick awarded to the opposite side for handball. doh!

i dunno really why they even bother marking me. maybe because no-one knows me and they think i can actually play. so whenever i run, they follow, silly buggers. and they mark me when we take corner kicks because i'm tall and they think i'll be good at heading it into the goal. hahahaha (insert maniacal laugh here - and watch the ball sail safely past me unscathed) sure is a funny game :-)

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