Thursday, June 17, 2004

another day, another headache. i just love being swamped with shit.

fortunately i've decided to make myself more organised. that way all the jobs can get done in order of priority, and first in first served. this way i can maximise my chances of annoying the most people.

it's important to have priorities :-) and still enjoy simple pleasures...

the long weekend was cool. got beaten at soccer, went out afterwards to celebrate. the next day i found myself playing lawn bowls. very civilised. i'm all for sports you can play while drinking. after a few beers though i'd had enough of lawn bowls, and went for a bit of a pub crawl.

it wasn't going to be that, but i kinda met up with some friends at a club, and next we were at the pub, and within a few hours i'd hit all the drinking establishments in our fair, smelly (or fairly smelly) town. so much for an early night where i don't spend much money. drat, 2 in a row.

the next day i had another date, which was why it was bad to spend too much money the previous 2 nights. we watched the 3rd harry potter movie. it was pretty good. only hampered by my poor seat selection, the second damned row! we thought we could grab a bite to eat, then get in line a half hour or so before hand. we came out of the cafe, and the line was only short. cool, we're about to join the end when some usher dude points to the rest of the line. they had to split the line so people could get out. so we joined the back of the line, a hundred metres further back....

another early morning departure from sydney, stuffed around too much and didn't leave quite early enough, and i was late again. drat
oh well, maybe another 1/2 hour earlier next time. 2 red bulls and 2 hash browns for brekkie. 2 cokes when i got to work. not a good combination. so i was buzzing all morning.

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