Thursday, June 24, 2004

ok, time for my personal rant of crap for the evening.

i love bagging the yanks, and as far as i'm concerned, when it comes to political interference, they're about as welcome as your mother-in-law. always sticking their friggen noses in. but these morons: About 75 Die in Wave of Iraqi Attacks really take the cake. i mean, really, what do the silly fucks think they will achieve? the yanks are handing back rule of iraq to iraqis. sure, the iraqis they've picked are (according to my usual dramatic, yet incorrect sources) either useless, exiles, or american lapdogs. do these dickshits really think that by their actions, the resolve of either the usa or the new iraqi leaders will change? get a fucking clue you dumb cunts. really.

to quote (badly) something i read once: these pricks are so clueless, that they couldn't get a clue if they rubbed themselves in clue juice, and did the clue dance in a field of horny clues

to restate the obvious, these pricks can't really think that their actions will do anything constructive. do they think the yanks will say "hey, this is too scarey, we're going home now". for fuck's sake. the iraqis will get control of their own country, if you don't like your gov't, work within the channels, play the damn game, get the numbers and win. in any case, without a big army, these mutant pricks are just deluding themselves.

as my dad would say, follow the money. someone is making money by convincing these fucking peons to kill themselves for the cause.

wow, i'm nearly down to one post a week. maybe i have a life after all. ok, i can pretend i do anyway.

nearly at the end of the week, and i'm glad of that. being swamped is no fun. nearly got my stupid home computer fixed. i hate setting it up from scratch, takes forever. and you can't just set it up and connect to the net anymore, you'll catch all kinds of nasties, so i've had to make up a few cd's with microsuck security patches on them.

at least unreal tournament is working again. heaven forbid if there should be any problems with that. now to see if firefox will work. it was what crapped out in the first place, although the same build was working on this (craptop) and work pc, i think i had a corrupt registry.

time to finish the ironing and get ready for "old farts soccer". in every other country in the world they call it football, but here and in the usa they call it soccer. i found out that's an abbreviation/molestation of "association football". according to the radio the other day, soccer is now the most popularly played sport in australia, probably something to do with a 25% increase in the number of women playing, in the last year.

i reckon more girls than guys play in my area. now that my daughter plays ladies soccer (enough to really make me feel old) i see how many womens teams play. there's lots.

anyway, it said it on the radio, so it must be true, also on this ask earl page. which could be crap though. also it only sport participation, not watching sport. the myriad of crap on the australian bureau of statistics seems to indicate that maybe flog is more popular

Monday, June 21, 2004

just another manic monday

wan't as late as usual for a monday today. i reckon in another few weeks i'll have it wired. got up early enough to beat the traffic and didn't speed too much. got home, fed the cat, made sure the little bugger was locked out so he couldn't leave another smelly bomb in the cat litter. i'm gonna have to spray the house, that's just off!

had a fun weekend. lost at soccer as usual, but rather than go to the pub to celebrate, this time i thought i'd drive to sydney instead :-) had a very relaxing weekend, slothing in front of a computer, playing games, watching movies, staying up and sleeping in. there's only one problem with these early morning starts and drives home on a monday morning though.... after 2 red bulls, and 2 cokes, i'm buzzing again, it can't be good for me. i'll have to start catching up on sleep i think. maybe tomorrow night.

my sister has gone to visit my other sister in the uk. i don't think the poor poms will know what hit them. she arrived safe and sound, and from the sounds of it, they spent the first night getting pissed and trolling through joke mpegs, the ones which circulate around the net, from morons skateboarding off buildings, to morons strapping an air tank to their backs and using it to jet propel themselves into a barrell full of oranges.

apparently after her stopover in vietnam, she wants a motorbike so she can terrorise pedestrians over here...

anyway, CelestialBlue has given me an idea. i'll give my remaining 5 free google email invitations to whoever asks me for them first. i went to the gmail swap and managed to get a free tour guide to istanbul in case i ever go there again, and also a greek salad recipe, being the gourmet chef that i am (not!).

anyway, if you want them, let me know. everyone should have a 1000MB free email account hehehe. and yahoo has upgraded to 100mb, woohoo, i won't have to clean it out for a while now. makes my 20mb free russian email account look very shabby, hehehe

Thursday, June 17, 2004

well soccer tonight was fun. i played fullback, so there was a little less running. i was faster than the guy i had to mark, but typically, he was a lot more skilled than i was. so that made things interesting. my teammates have finally worked out how clueless i am, and they spend a lot of time yelling at me. which is quite helpful really hehehe

i did my usual amount of stuffups, but we managed to win 2-0 with a couple of very late goals. they had their revenge though, not only was there no hot water for showers (for poor old coots who are stiff and sore) but there was no beer!!!

into the chariot and off home i go. one hot shower and a beer later, and it's all good.

another day, another headache. i just love being swamped with shit.

fortunately i've decided to make myself more organised. that way all the jobs can get done in order of priority, and first in first served. this way i can maximise my chances of annoying the most people.

it's important to have priorities :-) and still enjoy simple pleasures...

the long weekend was cool. got beaten at soccer, went out afterwards to celebrate. the next day i found myself playing lawn bowls. very civilised. i'm all for sports you can play while drinking. after a few beers though i'd had enough of lawn bowls, and went for a bit of a pub crawl.

it wasn't going to be that, but i kinda met up with some friends at a club, and next we were at the pub, and within a few hours i'd hit all the drinking establishments in our fair, smelly (or fairly smelly) town. so much for an early night where i don't spend much money. drat, 2 in a row.

the next day i had another date, which was why it was bad to spend too much money the previous 2 nights. we watched the 3rd harry potter movie. it was pretty good. only hampered by my poor seat selection, the second damned row! we thought we could grab a bite to eat, then get in line a half hour or so before hand. we came out of the cafe, and the line was only short. cool, we're about to join the end when some usher dude points to the rest of the line. they had to split the line so people could get out. so we joined the back of the line, a hundred metres further back....

another early morning departure from sydney, stuffed around too much and didn't leave quite early enough, and i was late again. drat
oh well, maybe another 1/2 hour earlier next time. 2 red bulls and 2 hash browns for brekkie. 2 cokes when i got to work. not a good combination. so i was buzzing all morning.

Friday, June 11, 2004

freaky friday

freaky friday, yet another movie i can't watch because i can't stand watching people embarrass themselves on television. i don't care if it's a movie, make believe, etc... i just have to leave. grot L's choice for a movie. she loves it. i'm hiding in the computer room until it's less embarrassing and i can return.

probably a good choice of movie though for today. another freaky day in my freaky life.

soccer last night was fun. totally drenched from the rain, running round like lunatics, slithering and sliding and falling over heaps. ok that was mostly just me. managed a beaut unco moment when one of the opposition kicked the ball away from his goal before i could wildly smash it towards the goalmouth, pity i'm so unco, i smashed him in the knee, woops, sorry dude. he got his revenge about 5 mins later though, we were both running for the ball and smashed into each other and head butted each other, 5 mins after that i got the ball off him and he nearly kicked me in the nuts. maybe he was as unco as me hehehehe

we won, i have absolutely no idea how. probably because everyone else on the team apart from me actually has a clue. of course my randomn passes had a lot to do with it (NOT). i like to cause confusion, and whenever i touch the ball, confusion reigns. i figure if i don't know where the ball is going to go, the opposition won't either. the downside of course is that neither will my teammates. oh well. we did get a goal off one of my randomn passes, which probably says more for the quality of our competition than any guile or cunning on my part :-)

a classic example: our team is attacking, and the damn ball has, without any regard for us all wanting it to go in the opposition net, bounced out, towards me. oh shit. so i pretend i'm all enthusiastic and stuff, and bolt off after it like a deranged, stick fetching dog (just imagine one of them big ones, as they run they drool, their legs go all over the place, it's not pretty) and to my complete surprise i get to the ball first, and not only that, i do the most, absolutely well co-ordinated kick, to send it bouncing perfectly back to whence it should have came from, so our guys could all chase after it and score and stuff, were it not for the fact that i managed to also kick the fucken thing straight into one of my flailing arms and get a free kick awarded to the opposite side for handball. doh!

i dunno really why they even bother marking me. maybe because no-one knows me and they think i can actually play. so whenever i run, they follow, silly buggers. and they mark me when we take corner kicks because i'm tall and they think i'll be good at heading it into the goal. hahahaha (insert maniacal laugh here - and watch the ball sail safely past me unscathed) sure is a funny game :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

another boring update

squash last night with grot d. i think his energizer bunny batteries were a bit low, because he was like a little zombie. that'll teach him not to eat mc-crap before squash. maybe i should get him to walk to my house instead of picking him up at mcdonalds.

soccer training afterwards. so i'm a bit sore and sorry today.

we've got two games this weekend, so the coach didn't want to train us too hard. i'm only going to be playing one of the two anyway. i'm hoping i can manage another date this weekend. she hasn't come to her senses and run screaming yet...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

ok, that was frikken fun! another half hour or so and my fingers might thaw out though.

i had a date on friday night. we had malaysian for dinner, goda goda, which is some kind vegetarian dish, which will also amaze anyone that knows me that i ate vegetarian, and also some satay chicken dish as well. i can't remember what the entree was, but it was nice, and we were full, and had food left over. afterwards we went to watch troy.

i thought it was alright, ok. so it probably wasn't entirely historically accurate, but then, it's a movie, that kind of shit happens. we were glued to the screen for the whole movie, with the occasional snide remark, because thats just the shallow kind of sniggerers we are. :-)

caught up with her again today to watch the lord of the rings - return of the king, on dvd. being the slacker that i am, i haven't seen it yet. we completed the crosswords, slothed around a bit, then it was time to drive home. a great time, i'm flying still.

*aside bit*
i haven't managed (as far as i know) to screw up yet. perhaps it's just a matter of time. i have, so far, a 100% failure rate with relationships (hehehe every one i've been in, has failed). so i'm just living for the moment. enjoying all the good bits while they last. as far as i'm concerned, life is for having fun.

but i think i'm not going to talk about this in any detail anymore. she is as big a computer geek as i am, and i would hate it if she trolled across this on the web one day, put 2 and 2 together, and come up with about 17 as is the nature of the female species. and she is definitely smart enough to work out who wrote this, she's a shitload smarter than i am in any case. i will just say, for the very few who are interested; she is a very cute, funny, interesting, audacious, bodacious (see bill and ted, not the dictionary), quirky, snide, snarky, sniggering and totally unpredictable lady (ok, sorry ladies, but you are all unpredictable to us poor fools, and those are all compliments). i'm quite enjoying myself at the moment, the moment may not last, she may come to her senses, but in the meantime, i'm having fun.
*end drunken aside*

i was going to put the top on the car, but it was such a nice night, the moon is just past full. it looked fantastic above the lights of sydney, and then a bit higher over the lights of wollongong as i drove down bulli pass. right in the middle of the moon's bright patch on the water was an oil tanker, with all it's running lights, party lights and christmas lights as far as i know, all turned on. woops, watch the road dopey!

it was a bit cool though. cruising down the hume on about 75mph when a commmondore cruised past. i figured he could be a wood duck (decoy) for me so i sped up and followed him. goddamn, that engine loves to sing, and my hands are freezing. a singlet, the thinnest goddamn trousers, a shirt, 2 jumpers, jacket and a beannie, i'm just warm enough. i swap hands on the steering wheel every 10 minutes and sit on the other one to try and warm it up. (thanks for letting me look after your car you two. btw: you will really really need to put new tyres on when you get back! those ones are 15 years old and hard as a rock... i'd do it myself, but i'm broke and what little play money i've got left, i'm currently spending on the kids and seeing this girl in sydney. wanna buy a commodore? hehehehe)

definition of getting old and stupid: i'm doing 90mph in a 40 year old car, lynyrd skynyrd blaring on the 'wireless', giving a big dopey grin to all the poor suckers i overtake, trapped in their boxes. it's not smart, but it was one of them zen moments.

it was a bit warmer once i got back on the coast, plus i was a bit busier with the twisty bits. got to play silly buggers with a commodore and a lancer going around kiama bends. the lancer got past me without too much trouble, i finally let the commodore past on the last bend. not too shabby for a 40 year old car i reckon. and yes, i was behaving. in a car of this age, crap tyres, no rollover protection of any kind, nor seatbelts, i'm not pushing it! but feel free to fill the comments with sarcasm and sniggers.

home in just over 2 hours. traffic was good and once i got moving i felt my usual eagerness to get home and veg out. i but definitely enjoyed the moment. and moments are what i live for...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

ok, my car isn't parked in jutland parade yet, but alan bond has called the cops because it's circling the block blowing smoke.

ok, it's a crap analogy, i don't care. the dratted thing needs new clutches for the automatic transmission, which will cost $1500-$2000. i think i'm going to get another opinion, or at least get someone else to fix it. this same guy completely rebuilt the transmission 2 years ago. i think i'll just save up and trade it in, and don't drive it in the meantime.

home sick from work today. got the flu. which means i'll be bored out of my skull by lunchtime. but if i go into work today or tomorrow, i'll be completely fogged up and useless anyway.

so i'm keeping myself occupied doing boring things around the house, tidying up the washing which hasn't been put away for the past 3 weeks, making my bed, maybe even vacuuming!

enough dithering, back to it....

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