Thursday, May 06, 2004

wog ball for old people

finally the big day is here. my first game of over 35's soccer (or wog ball for you league/union/afl people, and football if my sister is reading from the yuk).

i'm a little nervous. i don't want to stuff up. these guys are all ex-first grade players, but old enough supposedly that they don't need to be fit because they've got skill. although one of the other guys told me he got hacked more times in his first game of over 35's than he did in the whole previous year playing grade. so i'm sitting here icing up my damned leg _before_ the game so it won't let me down. although i'm sure i'll be back in the same position after the game. only with a beer or two to keep me company. hmmmmm beeeerrrrrrr

but that's ok, i've told them i'm crap. i'm someone who needs to be fit to make up for a lack of skill. pity i'm not fit either. and also this means i don't have to go to training tomorrow night, because i'm be recuperating for our game on saturday :-) the side we are playing has the coolest clubhouse, and beer. so with a bit of luck we might kick on for a few afterwards. (thats soccer talk for have a few beers in case that didn't translate properly). failing that we'll be at the local celebrating our win or loss anyway.

today's idle bit of foolishness:
picking up my car from my brother's house. i get there and the driver's window is down. no problems, their cats probably won't get in there, unlike my sister's long haired, white, feral monster. so i get the keys off my sister in law and start to drive out the driveway, only to be mugged by their black cat on it's way over me out the window. fucken stupid cat!!!!
i look out the window to see my sister-in-law laughing hysterically.


now that was fucken fun. ok, yes, i am the worst player there, out of both sides.

we ran all over the place like lunatics, ran into each other, over each other and generally failed to score a goal. and then afterwards, everyone hangs around and has a beer, or two, or three. i am riding down my pushbike for the next game. screw getting fit, i'm gonna have a few beers afterwards.

we lost 2-0, we had about 3 quadrillion shots, and 2 of them bounced off the goalposts, the rest ended up everywhere except for in the creek. when i wasn't trying to get my breath back from running i was laughing at the antics, or swearing because yet again someone has given me the ball and i've kicked it to the bloody opposition. oh well.

relics wog ball. i highly recommend it :-)

from thefreedictionary.com

Relics can be:
the pluralized form of Relic meaning artifact
Relics is also the title of a compilation of rare and previously unreleased recordings by Pink Floyd

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